Purchase Order Financing

Use Purchase Order Financing to Keep Your Customers Happy

Do you run a distribution company, wholesale warehouse, reselling business or another type of business that often relies on fulfilling large and sometimes unexpected orders to remain profitable? Sometimes these types of businesses receive orders so large or so quickly that they cannot fulfill them using current funding. If this is happening to you, consider purchase order financing.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

There are plenty of benefits to using purchase order financing for your company. Most importantly, it provides the funding you need quickly and allows for flexible repayment terms. The financing allows you to fulfill large and unexpected customer orders without foregoing providing timely deliveries to your current customers. By fulfilling more orders, you expand your market share and boost profits and you can do it all without sacrificing equity or taking on more traditional loan debt.

How It Works

This type of financing is uncomplicated and requires just a few steps:

  • The lender pays your manufacturing company directly for the products you need.
  • You deliver them to your customers and invoice them.
  • You pay back the lender once you are paid.

When paying back your lender, you can choose to pay it all in one transaction or use invoice factoring.

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